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net : p5-Net-Traceroute6
Perl module to parse traceroute6(8) output
This module implements traceroute6(8) functionality for perl5. It allows you to trace the path IP packets take to a destination. It is currently implemented as a parser around the system traceroute command.
Version number : 0.03
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Traceroute6-0.03.tar.gz) = 6c4021cbae4e67e3bf3047c82df2d48b SHA256 (Net-Traceroute6-0.03.tar.gz) = a07053f900cd7c178ea683b910ff7ff0ea14567f7cd5d08fd18aa11705c449c4 SIZE (Net-Traceroute6-0.03.tar.gz) = 10163
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