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net : p5-Net-Whois-Raw
Very simple Perl interface to query raw whois data
Net::Whois::Raw - Perl extension for retrieving unparsed raw whois information. There is also a simple way of checking whether a domain is registered or not. Usage: use Net::Whois::Raw; $s = whois(''); $s = whois(''); $s = whois(''); $Net::Whois::Raw::CHECK_FAIL = 1; print "Hurry up!\n" if !whois(''); -- Alex Kapranoff
Version number : 1.42
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Whois-Raw-1.42.tar.gz) = 651d212c8ce785f1e7a144803d25fe50 SHA256 (Net-Whois-Raw-1.42.tar.gz) = b2a00458baa06b58cc46dac6af01666b2f9e90ee316dd3343b01b3f654c51883 SIZE (Net-Whois-Raw-1.42.tar.gz) = 21652
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