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net : p5-Net-XWhois
Whois Client Interface for Perl5
The Net::XWhois class provides a generic client framework for doing Whois queries and parsing server response. One of the more important features of this module is to enable the design of consistent and predictable interfaces to incompatible whois response formats. The Whois RFC (954) does not define a template for presenting server data; consequently there is a large variation in layout styles as well as content served across servers.
Version number : 0.90
Md5 : MD5 (Net-XWhois-0.90.tar.gz) = 1c0394d6a4b5bd05d8686b0a0dc18999 SHA256 (Net-XWhois-0.90.tar.gz) = d9cd6f653b0ec382ee42dc25df58c982d1f3cec1a54f575a8b004c340b81ada1 SIZE (Net-XWhois-0.90.tar.gz) = 17750
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