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net : p5-Net-Z3950-SimpleServer
A Perl module for developing Z39.50 servers
SimpleServer is a Perl module which is intended to make it as simple as possible to develop new Z39.50 servers over any type of database imaginable. All you have to do is implement a function for initialising your database (optional), searching the database, and returning "database records" on request. The module takes care of everything else and automatically starts a server for you, listens to incoming connections, and implements the Z39.50 protocol. It couldn't really be easier. SimpleServer is based on the popular YAZ toolkit which means it is robust, efficient, widely portable, and it interoperates with all known Z39.50 clients. Use SimpleServer together with other Perl modules to provide gateways to relational databases, local file stores, SOAP/RDF-servers, etc. SimpleServer currently supports the Init, Search, Present, Scan and Close services.
Version number : 1.04
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Z3950-SimpleServer-1.04-update.tar.gz) = 58dfd5d7f840b94cdcfc5bcff10b739e SHA256 (Net-Z3950-SimpleServer-1.04-update.tar.gz) = 2a910b88b617ad5e9f8ead1d0bbae20ae8baec5c90ad1848bd7147142d42119e SIZE (Net-Z3950-SimpleServer-1.04-update.tar.gz) = 29415
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