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net : p5-POE-Component-Generic
Provides non-blocking access to a blocking object
POE::Component::Generic is a POE component that provides a non-blocking wrapper around any object. It works by forking a child process with POE::Wheel::Run and creating the object in the child process. Method calls are then serialised and sent via STDIN to the child to be handled. Return values are posted back to your session via STDOUT. This means that all method arguments and return values must survive serialisation. If you need to pass coderefs, use "callbacks", "postbacks" or "factories". Method calls are wrapped in eval in the child process so that errors may be propagated back to your session. See "OUTPUT". Output to STDERR in the child, that is from your object, is shown only if debug or verbose is set. STDOUT in the child, that is from your object, is redirected to STDERR and will be shown in the same circomstances.
Version number : 0.11.00
Md5 : MD5 (POE-Component-Generic-0.1100.tar.gz) = 9c8b23bc654701ff6d129c375d1af5d7 SHA256 (POE-Component-Generic-0.1100.tar.gz) = d12dbe38d5aee441c412ac47487de0b8859752a2e53edad8ac02d05ac82dcb15 SIZE (POE-Component-Generic-0.1100.tar.gz) = 35801
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