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net : p5-POE-Component-Pcap
POE component for non-blocking use of Net::Pcap
POE::Component::Pcap provides a wrapper for using the Net::Pcap module from POE programs. The component creates a separate session which posts events to a specified session and state when packets are available.
Version number : 0.04
Md5 : MD5 (POE-Component-Pcap-0.04.tar.gz) = 11c6e6babcb8ee0b6a3c247c04059dc1 SHA256 (POE-Component-Pcap-0.04.tar.gz) = f4dd1114b01ac5059973895d6988f9ef7f2dc6709b52e2a02a3ef52ba33333db SIZE (POE-Component-Pcap-0.04.tar.gz) = 6940
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