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net : p5-POE-Component-RRDTool
POE interface to Round Robin Database Tools
RRDtool refers to round robin database tool. Round robin databases have a fixed number of data points in them and contain a pointer to the current element. Since the databases have a fixed number of data points the database size doesn't change after creation. RRDtool allows you to define a set of archives which consolidate the primary data points in higher granularity. RRDtool is specialized for time series data and can be used to create RRD files, update RRDs, retreive data from RRDs, and generate graphs from the databases. This module provides a POE wrapper around the rrdtool command line interface.
Version number : 0.18
Md5 : MD5 (POE-Component-RRDTool-0.18.tar.gz) = 4dff6693e1331a090df8a954a12627f2 SIZE (POE-Component-RRDTool-0.18.tar.gz) = 9907
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