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net : p5-PlRPC
Perl module for writing RPC servers and clients
pRPC-modules (Perl RPC) is a package that simplifies the writing of Perl based client/server applications. RPC::pServer is the package used on the server side, and you guess what RPC::pClient is for. See the RPC::pServer(3) and RPC::pClient(3) manpages for detailed information. -Vanilla vanilla@FreeBSD.ORG
Version number : 0.2020
Md5 : MD5 (PlRPC-0.2020.tar.gz) = 5361e137e56d037c5e796926ecb5300b SHA256 (PlRPC-0.2020.tar.gz) = 606b367cc52ea8ab2e93404ddd50ccb65e6e5c42ebd6cf4def71f4edf684506f SIZE (PlRPC-0.2020.tar.gz) = 18229
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