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net : p5-REST-Application
A framework for building RESTful web-applications
This module acts as a base class for applications which implement a RESTful interface. When an HTTP request is received some dispatching logic in REST::Application is invoked, calling different handlers based on what the kind of HTTP request it was (i.e. GET, PUT, etc) and what resource it was trying to access. This module won't ensure that your API is RESTful but hopefully it will aid in developing a REST API.
Version number : 0.992
Md5 : MD5 (REST-Application-0.992.tar.gz) = 1faa0ceeff55feab1906dc8666642d22 SHA256 (REST-Application-0.992.tar.gz) = 844e7654cc99732fecca964df401e0aa94e35be155bbea6199c0d0a512174635 SIZE (REST-Application-0.992.tar.gz) = 26089
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