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net : p5-ResourcePool-Resource-Net-LDAP
A ResourcePool wrapper for Net::LDAP
This class is used by the ResourcePool internally to create Net::LDAP connections. Its called by the corresponding ResourcePool::Factory::Net::LDAP object which passes the parameters needed to establish the Net::LDAP connection.
Version number : 1.0002
Md5 : MD5 (ResourcePool-Resource-Net-LDAP-1.0002.tar.gz) = 06377acaa70100493ed74b36620dfb71 SHA256 (ResourcePool-Resource-Net-LDAP-1.0002.tar.gz) = d32955d8ec5e6f6514f464b8d4bb30e1fd994e30350ddf88146d2fe62c494e5d SIZE (ResourcePool-Resource-Net-LDAP-1.0002.tar.gz) = 6096
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