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net : p5-Socket-Multicast6
Constructors and constants for IPv4/IPv6 multicast socket operations
This module is used to gain access to constants and utility functions used when manipulating multicast socket attributes. For simple, object-oriented way of doing the same thing, take a look at IO::Socket::Multicast6 or IO::Socket::Multicast
Version number : 0.02
Md5 : MD5 (Socket-Multicast6-0.02.tar.gz) = d101162cb98993720d388383cf4e628e SHA256 (Socket-Multicast6-0.02.tar.gz) = 75d5faee9c7338d1dc73c47be9077b183207fa9492298f811b174cc4ff7977e1 SIZE (Socket-Multicast6-0.02.tar.gz) = 33919
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