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net : p5-Spread-Message
Provide messaging using the Spread toolkit
The Spread package provides a simple wrapper around the spread toolkit. We try to provide a much higher level wrapper. By providing: - Simple methods to send serialised Perl structures between programs - Callback registration - Extensible callbacks for command driven programs - Lots of accesor functions - Handling of incoming messages is supported via callbacks or via direct polling for input. Its your choice :-)
Version number : 0.21
Md5 : MD5 (Spread-Message-0.21.tar.gz) = 995863a6415049cfd7f7ece9c61b5574 SHA256 (Spread-Message-0.21.tar.gz) = d2fb14d239db13592cf7332e47a47aacdde132a8f8ed9bfc2abe9ed137ab8911 SIZE (Spread-Message-0.21.tar.gz) = 24307
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