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net : pbnc
Simple userspace TCP port bouncer
pbnc runs in userland and acts as a simple TCP port forwarder. It has a single-threaded design (uses select(), does not fork). It can handle multiple targets with an unlimited number of clients (at least in theory), and supports simple IP-based access control. Since pbnc works on network level, it does not care about the application protocol. It can tunnel FTP (control connection), SSH, HTTP and all other protocols using TCP communication. Application-level SSL/TLS encryption is also no problem.
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (pbnc.tar.gz) = 13b419ee101f2c45155818cc78326f42 SHA256 (pbnc.tar.gz) = 5deeb63507b444c5367ab9f0041e0be4a8a2d1a735bf8a9425fe1bc3875ba4b5 SIZE (pbnc.tar.gz) = 6018
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