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net : pcnfsd
Sun PC NFS authentication and printing server
pcnfsd(8) is an authentication and support server to be used by NFS clients that don't have their own authentication system (e.g. DOS PC's, Macintoshes, fileserver translators...) This version includes the security patches discussed in CERT advisory CA:96-08.pcnfsd.
Version number : 93.02.16
Md5 : MD5 (pcnfsd.93.02.16.tar.Z) = 29b633efd29596baf160010bd5104dd8 SHA256 (pcnfsd.93.02.16.tar.Z) = 8578af7bd6eef9ba4d8e39f91c69739add22416c7db4a7ca919e012317959113 SIZE (pcnfsd.93.02.16.tar.Z) = 73487
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