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net : pear-Net_MAC
PEAR class that validates and formats MAC addresses
This package validates and cleanly formats Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. The Net_MAC class can also import a list of MAC address vendors and store them in a database which the class can then use to identify vendors of any MAC address.
Version number : 0.1.4
Md5 : MD5 (PEAR/Net_MAC-0.1.4.tgz) = 3d6ba61c5c78918a1d47dbf76432bea1 SHA256 (PEAR/Net_MAC-0.1.4.tgz) = 324f0501a5bf4fc7eaba39fdc27cbb632dbd3f3e8794d161396d974d68af9c26 SIZE (PEAR/Net_MAC-0.1.4.tgz) = 5208
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