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net : pear-Net_Socket
PEAR Network Socket Interface
Net_Socket is a PEAR class interface to TCP sockets. It provides blocking and non-blocking operation, with different reading and writing modes (byte-wise, block-wise, line-wise and special formats like network byte-order ip addresses).
Version number : 1.0.8
Md5 : MD5 (PEAR/Net_Socket-1.0.8.tgz) = 52577fec2c16e891a89f208c580e0b8d SHA256 (PEAR/Net_Socket-1.0.8.tgz) = aa53f95a3ff901d3d463efbe1a43c7c84530c7c7dfc83560ffffad32ea234d29 SIZE (PEAR/Net_Socket-1.0.8.tgz) = 5441
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