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net : pecl-radius
Radius client library for PHP
This package is based on the libradius of FreeBSD, with some modifications and extensions. This PECL provides full support for RADIUS authentication (RFC 2865) and RADIUS accounting (RFC 2866), works on Unix and on Windows. Its an easy way to authenticate your users against the user-database of your OS (for example against Windows Active-Directory via IAS).
Version number : 1.2.5
Md5 : MD5 (PECL/radius-1.2.5.tgz) = 25d867dab8def71ab1b3e2410491ff4d SHA256 (PECL/radius-1.2.5.tgz) = 277fb9ba1dbef9c051b1db435cfd1f4421ebc612de3e6fd5eb9d2ed94639d23f SIZE (PECL/radius-1.2.5.tgz) = 29750
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