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net : pfinger
Highly configurable, secure and portable finger daemon
PFinger consists of server and client for the standard finger service. The PFinger server is a replacement for the standard Unix finger server. It also implements the pip-protocol which could become the finger v2 protocol. Its advantage over existing finger servers like GNU Finger or similar enhanced Finger servers are its configurability, compatibility and security (e.g. the server does not run as root). The Pfinger client can be used for several tasks: First it provides an easy way to edit the information the PFinger Server gives out about you. Then it can be used as graphical version of the standard finger client to monitor who is online.
Version number : 0.7.10
Md5 : MD5 (pfinger-0.7.10.tar.gz) = 8b0b853997da09df39bf744b064a98d0 SHA256 (pfinger-0.7.10.tar.gz) = 658520bf112dc38695597018e85cb33ffd73fe9578cbd7218dbfbc10f39f77c1 SIZE (pfinger-0.7.10.tar.gz) = 152675
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