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net : php4-rrdtool
A php/rrdtool glue
Contained herein are bindings to allow you to interface php scripts with RRD tool directly via RRD tool's 'librrd' library, thus avoiding the need to use system() calls to the rrdtool binary.
Version number : 1.05
Md5 : MD5 (php4-rrdtool-1.05.tar.gz) = 17816fc591c38135e81856e143aaab6f SHA256 (php4-rrdtool-1.05.tar.gz) = 7250887228f12178e4121de54985355ae7173d3b957825af389ba483c5a5a523 SIZE (php4-rrdtool-1.05.tar.gz) = 293555
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