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net : ppxp
A new and easy to use PPP software
This is a new user process PPP software pakgae. It is easy to setup and has nice GUI to control connection. This PPP software make a connection on demand and can traslate IP address and port numbers as called as NAT. This spackage have many console programs, ppxp is standard terminal oriented console, xppxp is X client console, tkppxp is Tcl/Tk based console, and much more. There are more documentation under /usr/local/share/doc/ppxp.
Version number : 2001080415
Md5 : MD5 (ppxp-2001080415.tar.gz) = 35dc6007ee4eafa9685f5e1e695a1464 SIZE (ppxp-2001080415.tar.gz) = 426444
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