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net : pvm
Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment
PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) is a portable message-passing programming system, designed to link separate host machines to form a virtual machine which is a single, manageable computing resource. The virtual machine can be composed of hosts of different architectures, located in physically remote locations. PVM applications can be composed of any number of separate processes, or components, written in a mixture of C, C++ and Fortran. The system is portable to a wide variety of architectures, including workstations, multiprocessors, supercomputers and PCs.
Version number : 3.4.5
Md5 : MD5 (pvm3.4.5.tgz) = 086e6d707b40adba04bddba8e5b6b17d SHA256 (pvm3.4.5.tgz) = 546ba92e0aad6be903601e514fce7b6cc64216f1cb3124b46ec48029104cdea3 SIZE (pvm3.4.5.tgz) = 979201
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