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net : pxe
PXE daemon, set up a boot menu for netbooting PXE enabled clients
This is a PXE daemon, which you can use to set up a networked boot menu for netbooting client machines (FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, etc.) that support & utilize Intel's Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE).
Version number : 1.4.2
Md5 : MD5 (pxe-1.4.2.tar.gz) = 89dcb359a4c4fce475633dd771e77aa7 SHA256 (pxe-1.4.2.tar.gz) = 59c7143bbb2d7990b164abde219d3290ae1e8962bbd141ec19e105d18f48d19d SIZE (pxe-1.4.2.tar.gz) = 56342
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