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net : py-kenosis-bittorrent
[ excerpt from developer's web site ] This is Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent. Using Kenosis, we've eliminated the tracker as a central point of failure for BitTorrent downloads. Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent is 100% backwards compatible with existing BitTorrent clients. Kenosis-BitTorrent uses torrent files which specify a tracker of the form, where "hash" is the hash of the original file. Kenosis-BitTorrent downloaders will notice that this is a kenosis url and use kenosis to find the tracker that is handling this torrent file. Standard BitTorrent downloaders try to resolve as normal. Our dns server will look up the hash in kenosis and return to the client the ip address of the kenosis node that is tracking that file. If that tracker becomes unreachable, subsequent lookups for that hash will switch automatically to the next available Kenosis-enabled tracker.
Version number : ${KENOSIS_VERSION}.
Md5 : MD5 (kenosis-0.95.tar.gz) = b3846a89723d1e6f2f79b8481fae6981 SHA256 (kenosis-0.95.tar.gz) = d7096e91f4fe2ecf84396182a0cd7c8e0ae1db4855091ac63d599030693195c5 SIZE (kenosis-0.95.tar.gz) = 170694
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