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net : py-timeoutsocket
Timeout mechanism for TCP connections
timeoutsocket enables a timeout mechanism on all TCP connections. It does this by inserting a shim into the socket module. After this module has been imported, all socket creation goes through this shim. As a result, every TCP connection will support a timeout. The beauty of this method is that it immediately and transparently enables the entire python library to support timeouts on TCP sockets.
Version number : 1.23
Md5 : MD5 (timeoutsocket-1.23.tar.gz) = b0377d66e8972924607ae084656d7c82 SHA256 (timeoutsocket-1.23.tar.gz) = 754c991ff9d83d7566931311efe044c5483d4ad85099f0ab1155beb242626e53 SIZE (timeoutsocket-1.23.tar.gz) = 4081
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