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net : py-xmlrpclib
A Python implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
----------------------------------IMPORTANT------------------------------- This module has been integrated with Python's standard library, and the standalone version is not maintained anymore. If you have a version of Python >= 2.1 installed, you already have a more recent version of this module and you should NOT need to install this port. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fredrik Lundh's original and widely used Python implementation of Userland's XML-RPC protocol ( is tightly integrated with Python and extremely simple to use. It includes a simple example server based on Python's SocketServer class, and an XML-RPC handler for Medusa. Version 0.9.9 is regarded as a beta-quality development release. Author: Fredrik Lundh
Version number : 1.0.1
Md5 : MD5 ( = 56528a4b31e2b1c6be6710d8a4edd96f SHA256 ( = a1f50a25ba51fa7688ff4d05dfa71c821798e72ba0f6c4aa966d2c0532a77880 SIZE ( = 19566
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