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net : pygopherd
Multiprotocol Information Server
PyGopherd is a modern dynamic multi-protocol hierarchical information server with a pluggable modularized extension system, full flexible caching, virtual files and folders, and autodetection of file types -- all with support for standardized yet extensible per-document metadata. PyGopherd is designed to serve up files using the Gopher Internet protocol. With Gopher, you can mount a filesystem (viewing files and folders as if they were local), browse Gopherspace with a web browser, download files, and be interactive with searching. But this is only part of the story. The world of Gopher is more expansive than this. There are two major gopher protocols: Gopher0 (also known as RFC1436) and Gopher+. PyGopherd supports both. PyGopherd also fully natively supports HTTP, the protocol used on the Internet for most Web transactions. So, you can access a PyGopherd server using anything from a small, 20-line client in mobile phone to a massive 50-MB web browser.
Version number : 2.0.16
Md5 : MD5 (pygopherd_2.0.16.tar.gz) = 6d52e316f842714974ccaf5cc1835ce3 SHA256 (pygopherd_2.0.16.tar.gz) = d96ba235a4207aee94b1436ac084448d69ec7042e477a0649da8148bb044c729 SIZE (pygopherd_2.0.16.tar.gz) = 255475
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