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net : pypvm
PVM for Python
pypvm is a Python module which allows interaction with the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) package. PVM allows a collection of computers connected by a network to serve as a single parallel computer. More information about the PVM package can be found at Pypvm is intended to be an educational and prototyping tool.
Version number : 0.94
Md5 : MD5 (pypvm-0.94.tar.gz) = 58fec38345a4d62712fbc59a51e4f205 SHA256 (pypvm-0.94.tar.gz) = 2c8492803a82ed830bc6fef5261e3fc39fa875762aa469ea16cdcfa6e16378c3 SIZE (pypvm-0.94.tar.gz) = 119658
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