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net : pyslsk
Client for SoulSeek filesharing system
PySoulSeek is a client for SoulSeek filesharing system. To use it on Linux/Unix and X11 you'll need all of the following: * Gtk+ 1.2 * Python 2.1 or newer * wxPython 2.3.4 or newer (Gtk port) If you can run wxPython demos, you may be sure PySoulSeek will run too. After installing pyslsk (see INSTALL for that), the executable to run is named 'pyslsk'. Right-clicking on an item in any list gives you the menu of what's available. To search for files just enter your search string into the input box in the search tab. Good luck! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, bugreports and patches even more so. Author:
Version number : 1.2.7b
Md5 : MD5 (pyslsk-1.2.7b.tar.gz) = c7a112eef6f59c4e9602cd4a9b3d9a31 SIZE (pyslsk-1.2.7b.tar.gz) = 100414
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