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Determine the remote OS using simple tcp packets
former QueSO home page : How we can determine the remote OS using simple tcp packets? Well, it's easy, they're packets that don't make any sense, so the RFCs don't clearly state what to answer in these kind of situations. Facing this ambiguous, each TCP/IP stack takes a different approach to the problem, and this way, we get a different response. In some cases (like Linux, to name one) some programming mistakes make the OS detectable. QueSO sends: 0 SYN * THIS IS VALID, used to verify LISTEN 1 SYN+ACK 2 FIN 3 FIN+ACK 4 SYN+FIN 5 PSH 6 SYN+XXX+YYY * XXX & YYY are unused TCP flags All packets have a random seq_num and a 0x0 ack_num.
Version number : 980922
Md5 : MD5 (queso-980922.tar.gz) = bb679333867765de866d89d3fcba8a20 SHA256 (queso-980922.tar.gz) = a27ca8e6af2c543cc7c8a61380aaed455be03bead270bbafc24af06d35a68030 SIZE (queso-980922.tar.gz) = 41830
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