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net : raggle
A console RSS aggregator written in Ruby
Raggle is a console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby. Features include customizable keybindings, basic HTML rendering, HTTP proxy support, OPML import/export, themes, support for various versions of RSS, Screen support, browser auto-detection, and more. Raggle has been tested under Linux and OpenBSD, and should work properly under other Unix variants as well.
Version number : 0.4.4
Md5 : MD5 (raggle-0.4.4.tar.gz) = d6fd8e1487f53e5cf89e1bf3cf3adbfc SHA256 (raggle-0.4.4.tar.gz) = 4909e93469a31a2ece889abff3e14a5020bdf2a7ec7cba9371a983adae4391df SIZE (raggle-0.4.4.tar.gz) = 279758
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