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net : relayd
OpenBSD Relay Daemon
relayd is a daemon to relay and dynamically redirect incoming connections to a target host. Its main purposes are to run as a load-balancer, application layer gateway, or transparent proxy. The daemon is able to monitor groups of hosts for availability, which is determined by checking for a specific service common to a host group.
Version number : 4.2.20071221
Md5 : MD5 (relayd-4.2.20071221.tar.gz) = 3e6060c3228f2427d4dc3f3740cd4b15 SHA256 (relayd-4.2.20071221.tar.gz) = e92d777408e87e9c60d5a439affddc6c2ea005fcb116ced937f3ce977e9b3d0d SIZE (relayd-4.2.20071221.tar.gz) = 84150
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