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net : rtg
A flexible, high-performance SNMP statistics monitoring system
RTG is a flexible, scalable, high-performance SNMP statistics monitoring system. It is designed for enterprises and service providers who need to collect time-series SNMP data from a large number of targets quickly. All collected data is inserted into a relational database that provides a common interface for applications to generate complex queries and reports. RTG includes utilities that generate configuration and target files, traffic reports, 95th percentile reports and graphical data plots. These utilities may be used to produce a web-based interface to the data. The unique features of RTG are: * Runs as a daemon, incurring no cron or kernel startup overhead * Written entirely in C for speed, incurring no interpreter overhead * Multi-threaded for asynchronous polling and database insertion * Inserts data into a relational database where complex queries and reports may be generated * Performs no data averaging in order to support billing, etc. * Can poll at sub-one-minute intervals
Version number : 0.7.4
Md5 : MD5 (rtg-0.7.4.tar.gz) = c61ff1323701e2771bb5ff9cf67f1b77 SHA256 (rtg-0.7.4.tar.gz) = db0dfefe335d551aaaa3e60876a1431916e7db55c980902413711512dd2132a0 SIZE (rtg-0.7.4.tar.gz) = 710621
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