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net : rubygem-openid
A Yadis Service discovery library written in pure Ruby
A Ruby library for verifying and serving OpenID identities. Ruby OpenID makes it easy to add OpenID authentication to your web applications. This library is a port of the Python OpenID library, and features: * API for verifying OpenID identities (OpenID::Consumer) * API for serving OpenID identities (OpenID::Server) * Consumer and server support for extensions, including simple registration * Yadis 1.0 and OpenID 1.0 service discovery, including server fallback * Does not depend on underlying web framework * Multiple storage implementations (Filesystem, SQL) * Comprehensive test suite * Example code to help you get started, including: o WEBrick based consumer o Ruby on rails based server o OpenIDLoginGenerator for quickly creating a rails app that uses OpenID for authentication o ActiveRecord adapter for using an SQL store in rails
Version number : 1.1.4
Md5 : MD5 (rubygem/ruby-openid-1.1.4.gem) = a8ad9d2ee5095ac09ea873c73f53da52 SHA256 (rubygem/ruby-openid-1.1.4.gem) = 8bd6dc9f8a14eac06a722c2a3a2d27f4d565aa925ac4bd4db9773b19d34110f8 SIZE (rubygem/ruby-openid-1.1.4.gem) = 117760
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