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net : rude
Rude is a Real-time UDP Data Emitter and Collector (crude)
RUDE stands for Real-time UDP Data Emitter and CRUDE for Collector for RUDE. RUDE is a small and flexible program that generates traffic to the network, which can be received and logged on the other side of the network with the CRUDE. Currently these programs can generate and measure only UDP traffic. Actually these tools were designed and coded bacause of the accuracy limitations in the MGEN program.
Version number : 0.70
Md5 : MD5 (rude-0.70.tar.gz) = 04f3206da3aada5aba04cc0ffe0113b4 SHA256 (rude-0.70.tar.gz) = a972a821039a88d96025c906b08d6867727f7f1dbdefdc4334b5575e96ca8907 SIZE (rude-0.70.tar.gz) = 85510
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