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net : samba
A free SMB and CIFS client and server for UNIX
The Samba suite is a set of programs which run under the FreeBSD operating system. These programs deliver most of the important functionality of a Microsoft Lan Manager server. That is, they support remote access to FreeBSD filespace and FreeBSD printers from Lan Manager compatible clients. In practical terms, this means that such clients can connect to and use FreeBSD filespace as if it was a local disk drive, or FreeBSD printers as if they were local printers. Some of the most popular Lan Manager compatible clients include Lan Manager itself, Windows for Workgroups, OS/2 and Windows NT.
Version number : 2.2.12
Md5 : MD5 (samba-2.2.12.tar.gz) = ffda6f5a93635d0b2afb2b2fb17e3bbf SHA256 (samba-2.2.12.tar.gz) = 4fdebbd1307405892dfb0037b7f8dee03eba32cf8d839dc41046d7b98c8baf34 SIZE (samba-2.2.12.tar.gz) = 5459704 MD5 (samba-2.2.10-freebsd-jail-patch-20040806.gz) = c38006077a83bb28ae7672df477834b2 SHA256 (samba-2.2.10-freebsd-jail-patch-20040806.gz) = 615b81f18480e4e37d3fee30694c5f892c11069e76a1d54cbf11bb583b49c69d SIZE (samba-2.2.10-freebsd-jail-patch-20040806.gz) = 2959 MD5 (samba-2.2.9-browsing-hacks.diff) = 39f95cdb2f9833b4eec7a05000fe2cbf SHA256 (samba-2.2.9-browsing-hacks.diff) = 3510667bf22ca9eafcc200561d2093b496baacd07a34f781ef008bcbb1d55848 SIZE (samba-2.2.9-browsing-hacks.diff) = 59834
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