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net : scr_ipfm
Use logs generated by ipfm to show data graphically
So scr_ipfm is a script written in php, used to graphically show amount of data downloaded by users in local network. To do that, it uses logs generated by ipfm program (ipfm is available at the address: scr_ipfm features: - sorting by field in, out, host and total - aggregated data of downloaded amount of data - daily, monthly, annually and global statistics
Version number : 0.64
Md5 : MD5 (scr_ipfm-0.64.tar.gz) = 5867737ef5cbade35a42c66020b4f045 SHA256 (scr_ipfm-0.64.tar.gz) = 82489ea44edb3f7ddfee69dec997bec8e5788bb59c771b48393e9d2f81166cad SIZE (scr_ipfm-0.64.tar.gz) = 28482
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