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net : sflowtool
This is a sFlow capture and sFlow-to-NetFlow conversion tool
This tool receives sFlow data, and generates either a simple-to-parse tagged-ASCII output, or binary output in tcpdump(1) format. It can also generate Cisco NetFlow version 5 datagrams and send them to a destination UDP host:port.
Version number : 3.12
Md5 : MD5 (sflowtool-3.12.tar.gz) = fbc348033387bb8c9ff3007b67a50831 SHA256 (sflowtool-3.12.tar.gz) = 7534dbcdf08d4e96b41b50a4458e9f2b6d4e78ff20317c9d56b6b1510faa47b5 SIZE (sflowtool-3.12.tar.gz) = 122385
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