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net : sharity-light
An userland smbfs --- SMB to NFS protocols converter
If you want a short description of what Sharity-Light can do for you: you can mount volumes exported by Windows or related operating systems on your Unix machine. For a more detailed description I will quote from the README file: What does Sharity-Light do? =========================== If you know smbfs for Linux: Sharity-Light is roughly the same. It is derived from smbfs, but runs as a user level program, not in the kernel. If you know samba: Sharity-Light is roughly the opposite: a client for the Lanmanager protocol. If you know neither of these: Sharity-Light lets you mount drives exported by Windows (f.Workgroups/95/NT), Lan Manager, OS/2 etc. on Unix machines.
Version number : 1.3
Md5 : MD5 (Sharity-Light.1.3.tar.gz) = 13249f332ff0b7124b669c5b61cc3293 SHA256 (Sharity-Light.1.3.tar.gz) = 01239ad9a81867f2c08d2306af6165f81aeea9b1a34bea368f46303555d76811 SIZE (Sharity-Light.1.3.tar.gz) = 78504
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