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Plugin-based instant messenger
SIM (Simple Instant Messenger) is a plugin-based instant messenger with support for various protocols (QT is needed, can be build for KDE). All protocols support richtext-messages, file transfer, typing notification, server-side contact list (with postponed synchronization - you can change contact list in offline mode and after log on all changes will be synchronized with server), new account registration and various searches. You can use several accounts for each protocol. Supported protocols: * Oscar - ICQ and AIM support * Jabber * MSN * Yahoo! * LiveJournal
Version number : 0.9.3
Md5 : MD5 (sim-0.9.3-2.tar.gz) = b16e462076540acc13da81832ae79d00 SIZE (sim-0.9.3-2.tar.gz) = 3728770
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