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net : ssltunnel-server
PPP over SSL virtual private networking (server part)
ssltunnel is a client/server software to establish PPP links over SSL/TLS sessions. Client and server are mutually authenticated using X509 certificates, PPP packets are encrypted/decrypted realtime on each side. The client has the ability to initiate the connection through an HTTP/HTTPS relay, even if an authentification is needed. This is the server part.
Version number : 1.15
Md5 : MD5 (ssltunnel-1.15.tar.gz) = bfe529edb9b6c97bc03d213676b1f35d SHA256 (ssltunnel-1.15.tar.gz) = e3b70eb2ab38758cd1f34781cf9ec467437b53fcdd96ac3fb6133da648a14e9a SIZE (ssltunnel-1.15.tar.gz) = 97741
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