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net : ssmping
Ping for ASM and SSM
ssmping is a tool for checking whether a host can receive SSM from another. If a host runst ssmpingd, users on other hosts can check that they receive from this host by running the ssmping tool. asmping is similar to ssmping, but checks for ASM rather than SSM.
Version number : 0.9
Md5 : MD5 (ssmping-0.9.tar.gz) = 08350cba127b63ed7cdd662e7a0b37a1 SHA256 (ssmping-0.9.tar.gz) = e9cde8a131800038b7e88d5a335fa08cf40d33f5b7db9bc5228a68c639f6adb9 SIZE (ssmping-0.9.tar.gz) = 16464
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