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net : sup
CMU's Software Update Protocol package
Sup is a program used for upgrading collections of files from other machines to your machine. You execute sup, the client program, which talks over the network using IP/TCP to a file server process. The file server process cooperates with sup to determine which files of the collection need to be upgraded on your machine.
Version number : 2.0.20060802
Md5 : MD5 (sup-2.0.20060802.tar.gz) = 618dac01e9fa8403a35b1b9de1315b77 SHA256 (sup-2.0.20060802.tar.gz) = 258946d463d11859171cca016e5a9ec2a39820cd2ee9dc02c502f5006e56e011 SIZE (sup-2.0.20060802.tar.gz) = 93457
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