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VNC viewer for SVGAlib
This is a VNC viewer for SVGAlib. from the Web page: The viewer doesn't do any scaling or scrolling, so the desktop you connect to must be of a resolution supported by your SVGALIB setup. Try creating servers of different geometries and connecting to them - if your svgalib setup doesn't work for one resolution it may work for another. Persevere - this has a lot of potential. You can use it to make a very lightweight graphics terminal with reasonable performance on low-end hardware. The current version will not generally be able to connect to Windows servers, because it requests a palette-based display which the Windows server cannot generate. If you have problems, press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, or log in over the network and kill the svncviewer process.
Version number : 0.1
Md5 : MD5 (svnc-0.1.tgz) = ff918b3e1d77c45e33248c8753723443 SIZE (svnc-0.1.tgz) = 17692 MD5 (vnc-3.3.3r1_unixsrc.tgz) = 55ec5c073ca63068a68f5d3957cd024e SIZE (vnc-3.3.3r1_unixsrc.tgz) = 2068810
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