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net : tac_plus-libradius
The tacacs+ Daemon with pam and libradius support
tacacs+ s program that allow authorization and authentication via net on remote access servers. Authenticate users, authorize commands and log accounting information. This version is includes a patch to include limited libradius support which allows to forward authentication requests to a radius server.
Version number : 5.0.0
Md5 : MD5 (tac_plus.F5.0.0.alpha.tar.gz) = 4bdab498b1e8aef81cc72f3b3f8c750c SHA256 (tac_plus.F5.0.0.alpha.tar.gz) = a3a29683069480c8e3f56c514f72a650f33b8a71635c90591acea2a94906abfc SIZE (tac_plus.F5.0.0.alpha.tar.gz) = 177114 MD5 (tac_plus_radius.tgz) = c3fa7afdbf202aa9e6a964837640870a SHA256 (tac_plus_radius.tgz) = 88251c541d47738284bda9ccc7f3a3c03249fe8433d43e018829d50816580de0 SIZE (tac_plus_radius.tgz) = 3628
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