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net : tcpdump
Ubiquitous network traffic analysis tool
tcpdump is a ubiquitous network traffic capture tool available in a wide variety of BSD, Linux and UN*X distributions. Whilst FreeBSD has a vendor branch import of tcpdump in its source tree, the purpose of the port is to provide a means of offering additional, bleeding-edge features which might not make it into the tree. Bruce
Version number : 3.9.7
Md5 : MD5 (tcpdump-3.9.7.tar.gz) = 2aacf4dc9a3bc500a8b4f3887a32cdd5 SHA256 (tcpdump-3.9.7.tar.gz) = 09f1daece22a3555f1ca1f9779caf36357cc8d5b9ad1964606093c7e884e0da4 SIZE (tcpdump-3.9.7.tar.gz) = 873866
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