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net : tcpshow
Decode tcpdump(1) output
tcpshow reads a tcpdump(1) savefile and provides a reasonably complete decode of Ethernet, IP, ICMP, UDP and TCP headers. Boolean expressions may also be specified for packet selection. Data within the packets are displayed in ASCII. tcpshow's output is simular to Sun Solaris's snoop(1M) command for network packet capture and inspection. -- David (
Version number : 1.74
Md5 : MD5 (tcpshow.c) = 4344a98fa4345928713deda258c21695 SHA256 (tcpshow.c) = b20b277f0cc89377e8894d6bcbaeceed93de3290e1bde8f912f2c27a7788db07 SIZE (tcpshow.c) = 82778 MD5 (tcpshow.1) = 7c6aba9548d538efe249dd16fd15bf29 SHA256 (tcpshow.1) = 8ef2f3c2079f6c2b8d0ba621cb2ccb81ba94a61212646adbeef950ee2d086d81 SIZE (tcpshow.1) = 9724
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