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net : tcpslice
A tool for extracting portions of pcap files
tcpslice is a tool for extracting portions of packet trace files generated using tcpdump's -w flag. The basic operation of tcpslice is to copy to stdout all packets from its input file(s) whose timestamps fall within a given range.
Version number : 2006.12.18
Md5 : MD5 (tcpslice-2006.12.18.tar.gz) = a7a5d1453c9002e63a76d3a89d73e458 SHA256 (tcpslice-2006.12.18.tar.gz) = 004c9386a5c5793dc6aa8636bebec99f0a72ee952b40518adcb7d8833c6557b1 SIZE (tcpslice-2006.12.18.tar.gz) = 113469
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