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net : tcpview
A Motif-based TCP/IP protocol analyzer
Tcpview is Motif-based TCP/IP protocol analyzer. It is a graphic version conterpart of the tcpdump. It enables the user to analysis the tcp/ip packet with confortable graphic interface. Chung-Kie Tung
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (tcpview-1.0.tar.Z) = d18785cbfab71cb41f908e40abc7eef1 SHA256 (tcpview-1.0.tar.Z) = ffd26a0665b8c93ba491d99633bf5f8a9cd138fe70a664dd78d95420c7ffc815 SIZE (tcpview-1.0.tar.Z) = 484855
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