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net : tn3270
Full-screen remote login to IBM VM/CMS
Tn3270 permits a full-screen, full-duplex connection from a UNIX machine to an IBM (or compatible) machine. Tn3270 gives the appearance of being logged in to the remote machine from an IBM 3270 terminal. Of course, you must have an account on the machine to which you connect in order to log in. Tn3270 looks to the user in many respects like the Yale ASCII Terminal Communication System II. Tn3270 is actually a modification of the Arpanet TELNET user interface (see telnet(1)) which will, in certain circumstances, interpret and generate raw 3270 control streams.
Version number : 4.4
Md5 : MD5 (tn3270.tar.gz) = 6dc619a0dfa5f2464d25aaa9dc7e3c51 SIZE (tn3270.tar.gz) = 168994
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