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A PHP based BitTorrent client that runs on a web server
TorrentFlux is a free PHP based BitTorrent client that runs on a web server. Manage all of your Torrent downloads through a convenient web interface from anywhere. TorrentFlux is a feature rich Torrent client. Users can manage Torrent downloads through a Web interface from anywhere. Torrents can be uploaded via a URL or file upload, and can be started, stopped, and deleted with a click. You are also able to view the download progress of all Torrents, server drive space, and Torrent file meta information before and during download. It has built-in user management and security as well as private messaging between users. Each user is able to select their own theme and view the upload history. For administrators there is a detailed user administration and searchable logs. Various languages are supported.
Version number :
Md5 : MD5 (torrentflux-2.0beta1.tar.gz) = b581f2ed7799f50126f7b1ae2960093d SIZE (torrentflux-2.0beta1.tar.gz) = 954541 MD5 ( = 3d4e473b43592995cfac271d91d6114a SIZE ( = 62403
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